There is a magical energy unique to this world that courses through the entire planet. This energy is called Luum.

Luum exists in two forms. The first is a pure form found in all living things, but the second is a chaotic form of Luum concentrated in the planet’s core. Chaotic Luum represents upheaval, and was the primary form of magical energy when Lumerea first formed eons ago. Now there is a balance to the planet’s energy, and there can be billions of years between surges of chaotic Luum, heralding a new geological age.

Pure Luum is what gives the people of Lumerea the ability to perform magical feats, and it’s also the energy that powers the world’s technology. Most people would have what you might call “everyday” magic. They can create simple spells and interface with the world’s technology. An elite few, however, are highly attuned to Luum and possess superheroic magical ability.

The balance of Luum is maintained by The Veil: a powerful magical field that surrounds the entire planet. It regulates the circulation of Luum through the world in the same way that celestial bodies affect the ebb and flow of the tides.

Magic is part of Lumerean life, as essential as air, water, and light. Every culture on Lumerea has a special relationship with Luum. Some embrace the more traditional magical ways, while others drive exciting innovations in magitechnology. No matter how they interact with magic, every being on Lumerea relies on Luum and The Veil to keep this vital energy flowing.