Lumerea. Beautiful planet but absolutely lousy with golems. Watch out for golems who swipe at you, shoot at you, lob bombs at you, explode on you, or are just really big and mean.

FUN FACT: The different golems don’t actually hang out that much outside of work.

Healer Golem

Of special note is the Healer Golem, whose only function is to keep its fellow monsters alive. When spotted, it’s probably worth calling these out to your allies and prioritizing them as targets.

FUN FACT: Healer Golems are terrible dancers.

Gold Chomper

This bizarre lizard loves to cram its maw with as much gold as possible to chew on over the course of the day. It might be worth chasing down if you need a boost of gold.

FUN FACT: Due to its habit of leading treasure hunters into camps of dangerous enemies, it is accidentally one of the most lethal creatures in the world.


These are vicious little trolls that live in cold climates. They tend to gather in clans around larger, stronger trolls. More of a nuisance individually, but they can be dangerous in swarms.

FUN FACT: Snowgobblers love the smell of licorice.


The aptly named Enrager has two modes: mad, and really, really mad. Be sure to have a plan ready before the Enrager lights on fire, or it may be too late.

FUN FACT: Enragers can’t walk down stairs.


The tusker is dangerous enough when it swings its massive arms at you, but once its shield is broken it can also jump high into the air for a devastating ground slam attack.

FUN FACT: In Kru, it is illegal to bring a Tusker to school (even a little one).


It should come as no surprise that the roller will tuck itself into an armored ball and roll at you. It should be slightly surprising that it will then jump back and shoot magical projectiles!

FUN FACT: Seriously, it shoots bullets out of its tail. Watch out for that.


Kruvian wolves have a piercing howl that provides defensive benefits to nearby monsters. When threatened it can also modify its howl to weaken its attackers. (They also get real bitey up close.)

FUN FACT: About 30 years ago someone made a novelty album of Kruvian wolves “singing” holiday songs and it went to number 27 on the Kru charts.


Beware the monstrous yeti! While it has its shield it makes all nearby enemies stronger, but once it loses its shield it adds a ferocious double-fist slam and terrifying shoulder charge to its attacks.

FUN FACT: Yetis are self-conscious about their haircuts. I wouldn’t bring it up.


It just slashes at you, that’s it. It evolved with blades for arms so it’s honestly kind of hard to blame it. (They are pretty fast, though, so watch out.)

FUN FACT: The first Slashhook was discovered by famed adventurer Joreph Slashhook, who was sadly slashed to death.


Don’t ignore this little bug! It spits poisonous globs out of its horrid little mouth. Some of these globs can magically home in toward you! You might need an ally with a shield to block the venomite’s attacks.

FUN FACT: Is gross.


These unpredictable little creatures are powerful spell casters. They can emit damaging magical energy in four different directions at once. Be careful how you approach one!

FUN FACT: You can make a stew out of casterfly wings but I wouldn’t recommend it.


When a twinspore dies it emits a magical cloud that can heal any monster it touches. It will also launch a sprout that will quickly grow into a new twinspore, so be mindful of when and where you attack them.

FUN FACT: If you step on one of these it is definitely going to stain your shoes.


A giant, amphibious monster, the toxishell can attack with its whip-like tongue or eject poisonous bombs that explode over a small area. They are notoriously hard to kill, partially due to their impenetrable shell and partially because no one wants to get licked by a giant, amphibious monster.

FUN FACT: Despite their long tongues, toxishells taste with their feet!