The Shattering

The Shattering

For as long as history can remember, there has been The Veil. A powerful magical field, it surrounds the entire planet and regulates the flow of a unique magical energy called Luum. For eons, The Veil has kept a careful balance between its pure and chaotic Luum energies, allowing the planet of Lumerea to evolve and thrive.

The people of Lumerea rely on Luum to perform magical feats and to power their technology. The Veil is revered for its ability to maintain the ebb and flow of magical energy through the world.

Now, however, Lumerea faces an unprecedented crisis. For reasons unknown, The Veil has begun to shatter. Huge sections have splintered and fallen away, throwing the magical energies below out of balance. The regions beneath the shattered parts of The Veil quickly became known as the unprotected lands, and at any point in time they may suffer a sudden and dangerous surge of chaotic Luum.

No one can say exactly what might happen when a surge of chaotic Luum is triggered, but its potent effects make the Unprotected Lands dangerous and difficult to explore. So far, the Shattering has only affected the lesser populated regions of the world, but for the people who do live out in the Unprotected Lands, life has become an unpredictable battle for survival.

Fortunately these survivors have found a way to help protect themselves: the Evercore. By placing a shard of the shattered Veil into an intricate magitech housing, they can create a small field of pure Luum energy that naturally repels the waves of chaotic Luum that appear during a surge. But what happens when the Evercore itself comes under threat..?