The World of Lumerea

The World of Lumerea

Evercore Heroes is set in the vast and vibrant world of Lumerea, a planet where magic is not only a reality but an integral part of life itself.

Our story centers on five major regions; Kru: The Land of the Seven peaks, Moxy: The Roaming Island, Noctra: The City of Eternal Night, Hydris: The Great Dragon Isles, and Bios: The City in the Sky.

Within these nations many people live in (relative) harmony with one another. Humans can be found everywhere, often adopting cultural traits and attitudes from the regions they call home, but in any town or village there’ll be Myti, Orn, Cora, and many other people of various shapes and sizes. Since the first voyages of the mighty Gigaturtle, Moxy, travel between the homelands has been a part of Lumerean life. For generations, adventurously minded people have brought ideas, literature, and trade from every part of Lumerea. Even the most remote village may be home to a population descended from these early travelers.

Magitech inventions and innovations have made life easier for even the most humble Lumerean; these marvels have revolutionized communication, healthcare, work, entertainment, travel, and much more! All Lumereans have at least some magical ability, and since the world’s technology runs on magical energy, an abundance of technological wonders are within everyone’s reach.

This planet is filled with fantastic creatures large and small, from the tiny and adorable Faun who frolic through the forests to the terrifying Yetis inhabiting the frozen mountains. There’s always a threat to adventurers and travelers who explore the wilds, but monster attacks around populated areas used to be rare. Now that The Shattering has upset the balance of magic, the future looks far more uncertain. As the chaos closes in, it’s clear that Lumerea needs heroes, and there’s only one way those heroes are going to save their world: as a team.