April 09, 2024

Evercore Heroes is REBORN!

Greetings, Heroes!

We’re back! We are thrilled to reveal today that the new direction of Evercore Heroes is a 3-player team action roguelite, and we’re coming to Steam!

Get ready to choose your favorite hero from a wide roster, customize your loadout, and go out on missions (runs) with your friends across the different regions of Lumerea!

Each run will contain a series of challenging, procedurally shuffled maps where you’ll work together to defeat tough enemies in blazing real-time combat, overcome tricky skill-based challenges, and of course survive epic end-game encounters!

The world of Lumerea is an exciting but also quite the dangerous place and we don’t expect you to win on your first run. If anything, we expect you to fail and then… well, fail some more. But after every run you'll come back smarter and stronger.

Unlock new ways to play, come up with new builds & strategies, learn from your mistakes, regroup, and try again to win the day as a team! As you progress you’ll advance to new missions and uncover more of the gripping story!

The game is available to wishlist now on our Steam page, where you can check out new screenshots and videos and learn more about Evercore Heroes. Remember, wishlists help the game a lot, so please do add us if you like what you see!

What has changed?

You might be surprised by how much has changed for the better. We really listened to the amazing feedback we got during our closed beta and have worked hard to bring Evercore Heroes back to its roots: cooperative action, and true teamplay with a dynamic roster of heroes.

Here are just some of the exciting changes you can expect from the new Evercore Heroes:

    1. A single team of 3 heroes takes on missions (runs) with procedurally shuffled enemies and challenges
    1. Rebuilt real-time combat system backed by full controller support
    1. An all new player Hub world – Castle Everae! Explore the castle and interact with new characters to prepare for your next mission
    1. An expanded, gripping narrative where former rivals Lotus and Kaine lead the fight against the sinister Fate’s Blade army
    1. Meaningful Co-Op gameplay (tanks and supports rejoice)
    1. New ways to unlock magical Shards to customise your favourite heroes
    1. New Hero Resource system to promote teamplay and tactical play

And much more!

We’ll dive into these features and more in future content drops so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

What if I backed the game during the Closed Beta?

We know many of you have backed us during Closed Beta and we are eternally grateful for your support! Thank you.

Our current plan is to provide everyone who was a Founder in our Closed Beta, and still is, a free copy of the game, as well as bonus content based on the level of their backing.

What’s to come next?

We have a lot of exciting plans for Evercore Heroes, and we’ll share more as soon as we can. Here’s some insight into our plans for the coming year.

We’ll release an Early Access version of the game on Steam later this year. You can expect us to start dropping more gameplay related content over the coming months. We will also continue to look for opportunities to playtest the game with you, so we can continue to develop the most awesome version of Evercore Heroes together.

The game is available to wishlist on Steam right now! It’s free to do, you’ll be the first to hear about updates and upcoming playtests, and it really helps us make this game the best it can be! If you have any burning questions or want to leave feedback we’d like to invite you to our Discord server where we’d be happy to answer.

Until next time!