Patch Notes


August 01, 2023

Patch Notes - Closed Beta Patch 0.4

Table of Contents


Next Free Hero Rotation

  • Get ready to stance-dance! Maxx & Skye are now in the free Hero rotation!

Secret Shop Rotation

We have a new secret shop rotation!

  • Luum Fissure: Dealing damage to an enemy has a small chance to cause a Luum Fissure to spawn near the target for 10 seconds. Any player standing on this Luum Fissure while it’s active will gain 650 Spell Power. +100 Spell Power
  • Ascendancy Protocol: Whenever you cast an ability that has a cooldown of 75 seconds or higher, all your other active abilities will have their cooldowns halved for a few seconds. +10% Critical Power, +100 Max HP
  • Stunlock: Auto-attacks have a chance to stun enemies for 1.5 seconds. Dealing damage to stunned enemies causes 25% of that damage to be reapplied as pure damage. Whenever you would stun an enemy that’s immune to stuns, deal 80 pure damage per character level instead
  • Sorcerer's Silken Gloves: Gain +15% Critical Chance for 2 seconds after using 2 abilities. This effect then goes into a short cooldown. +30 Armor Penetration +30 Magic Penetration
  • Seed of Genesis: Gain 80 Max HP, 30 Movement Speed, 1% increased damage, 4% increased mitigation every 2 minutes. This effect caps at 10 minutes

Quality of Life Changes


  • The client homepage has gotten an update with new click-able visuals that will lead you to different out-of-game areas like our Content Creator Program, Discord server, the Feedback survey and others!
  • We made several audio improvements
    • New audio for pings and ping variations
    • New sprint audio + we fixed Remy’s footsteps
  • Various Shards have new icons


All ability tooltips have been updated to a new consistent format, where we've reduced the number of colors to bring more clarity to the game.

  • Orange: scales with your physical power
  • Purple: scales with your magical power
  • Green: scales with your health (there's only 1 ability that does this - Blink's [Q] shield)
  • White BOLD: will scale when the ability is leveled up.

Developer Notes: This is a first step towards surfacing detailed information. In the future, we'd like to show you the EXACT scaling of effects in advanced tooltips. We will also want to pull this formatting through to shards, meta powers, etc. in the future.

Balance Changes


  • Tenacity no longer has a cap


  • Shard Cost Increase
    • Epic Shards are now 2000 gold
    • Legendary shards are now 3000 gold
    • Phoenix Shards are now 1000 gold

Developer Notes: Almost every match is flushed with gold, and most of the time players could get a lot of valuable shards without having to focus on gold objectives. We want those macro decisions to be more deliberate and this is the first step towards it.

  • Reinforced Plating has been reworked
    • Now offers 25 armor
    • Now offers 25 magic resistance
    • Now offers 25 tenacity
  • Flashbang
    • Now offers 400 flat health
    • Now increases health regeneration by 500% instead of 400%
  • Blooming Charge
    • Flat health changed to 50/100/150/200/250 from 18/28/40/52/62
      • Spell power modifier to the heal changed to 10% from 3%
  • Luum Fissure
    • Fissure duration increased to 10 seconds from 9 seconds
    • Fissure size increased by roughly 20%
    • Spawn Rule changed so it increases the chance to spawn closer to the shard owner
    • Spell Power for anyone standing in the fissure decreased to 650 from 750
    • Will now passively offer 100 Spell Power to the shard owner

Developer Notes: This should make Luum Fissure a bit easier to use, values were adjusted to compensate for the longer duration but an overall buff for the shard owner.


  • Surge Storm Buff
    • Health regen for enemies is now doubled outside of the circle during a Surge Wave

Bug Fixes


  • Disabled clicking the Evercore during the Jungle Moxy head-to-head that led to opening up the map
  • Your Evercore should not be able to get poisoned anymore
  • Fixed an issue where players would end up as a Wisp with [Z], but not get the movement bonus


  • Fixed Sydian’s [Q] Gravity Warp sometimes becoming unavailable after use (grayed out)
  • Fixed Lotus [E] Blossom sometimes not healing allies when they were too fast to move out of the blossom


  • We temporarily disabled the Disruption Striker (purple mine) objective from the rotation as it was causing issues. It’ll be back!