Patch Notes


August 24, 2023

Patch Notes - Closed Beta Patch 0.5

Ace Everstar Hero Card

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Maintenance Mode

With the launch of this patch we are putting Evercore Heroes in maintenance mode. This means there will no longer be any new updates for the game during this period.

We also made the following changes:

  • While in Maintenance Mode, the game will be open access for everybody. Simply create an account to play!
  • Founder’s Packs will no longer be available for purchase
  • Everyone coming into the game will get the Free Battle-pass only, the Founder's Battle-Pass is only for those who already purchased it during Closed Beta
  • There will be 8 heroes available to all players by default, including our newest hero Ace Everstar (You can read all about him below!)
  • All prices in the store have been reduced by 50%
  • The Creator Program is still available, with 10% of in-game item purchases going towards creators (thanks to our friends at for working with us closely here).
  • We will keep access to servers available 24/7, but we may have to make changes based on population at a later time

Read more about maintenance mode, why and what this means here!

New content

NEW Hero: Ace Everstar

Ace blasts his way into the roster!

Ace Everstar (yes, he insists you use his full name) is a V-bo bounty hunter who specializes in hunting down single targets with his signature Luum blasters and makes sure to look stylish while doing so! Ace is our first high-mobility, ranged character who is at his best when he is staying on the outskirts of a fight and picking off high priority targets.

Seems he owes us all and is offering his services at no cost! He's now available for all to play for free!!


Ace's kit is all about taking out targets marked by his Nemesis trait which gives him a massive boost to his damage against that target. By focusing his Nemesis, he'll deal massive damage and also get plenty of resets on his Vault which acts as his main way of getting in and out of fights.

So get ready to play some Everstar Heroes!

Ability overview

[Trait] Nemesis Automatically marks a random nearby as your Nemesis. Your Nemesis takes 30% bonus damage from Ace's abilities and auto-attacks.

[Q] Headshot Fire a shot towards a target location, dealing high damage to the first enemy hit. This shot will always be a critical hit!

[W] Vault Dash onto a target and leap to the other side of them, landing at max auto-attack range. While leaping to the end location, fire two shots into the target. During Vault, Ace also dodges all incoming attacks!

BONUS: If you kill your Nemesis, this ability will have its cooldown reset.

[E] Wanted Fire a shot which deals damage, applies a Slow and marks this target as your Nemesis.

[R] Showdown Activate to fire a row of 10 bullets that hang in the air. After a short delay, the bullets fly towards your Nemesis or the nearest target if there is no Nemesis at the time of casting. If the initial target dies early, each shot will acquire a random target in range.

Check out Ace Everstar's gameplay in our hero reveal video below!

Ace Everstar hero spotlight!

Skins, Magigraphs & Emotes


Expedition Ace Everstar

Emotes & Magigraphs

Emote - Finger Guns

Finger Guns

Magigraph - Get that gold

Get that gold

Free Hero rotation

As part of maintenance mode we've added the following 4 heroes as permanent free rotation heroes:

  • Ace Everstar
  • Maxx
  • Oria
  • Remy

New Secret Shop Shard Rotation

  • Noktra's Ghost Pepper
  • Deathly Pulse
  • Lifesteal
  • Ascendancy Protocol
  • Sorcerer's Silken Gloves

Quality of life changes

3 Player Queues

You can now queue up with any number of friends in your party!!

Status Effects

  • You can now see the duration of status effects on enemies!
  • You can now see how many stacks a status effect has on both enemies as yourself!

Wintress Frostweaver Skill Test Rework

We've reworked the first skilltest for Wintress Frostweaver. She will become invincible and submerges to use her fists to fly back and forth across the arena! The first team to destroy their fist will summon a torrent of bad weather in the form of lightning for their opponent for 30 seconds!

Developer Notes: There were multiple issues with the first skill test where killing the minions caused the boss to no longer show up.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the auto attack bug where Heroes would occasionally cause the animation to jitter and were unable to attack until the Hero moved first
  • We fixed several potential issues where players would be stuck in an infinite loading screen, or loading in with missing data causing issues like being stuck or be at a different spawn location.
  • Jungle Elite enemies should not no longer instantly die when charging
  • Mouse cursor will not be invisible after opening and closing the Settings menu (ESC) in-game
  • We disabled the spacebar interaction in the shop (no more accidental buying/selling!)
  • Fixed a bug where the Surge Storm buff would heal the statues for the Golem Titan Luum Rush Event causing them to be halfway healed before the 2nd Luum Rush
  • When disengaging the Shielded Tower Luum Rush, it will no longer magically disappear!
  • Fixed some on-hit effects on Wintress Frostweaver:
    • Cynder’s passive now correctly regains mana!
    • Attack spores now correctly spawns if equipped!
  • Fixed a case where Golems would spawn and immediately damage Heroes (earlier than the AoE stomp/stun would indicate).
  • Practice Mode options that were working but visually grayed out are now correctly shown as active buttons.
  • Home Featured screen now scales for smaller resolutions.


  • Remy will not revive Heroes with 0 mana anymore.
    • Known visual issue, he might still sometimes see them with '0' mana.
  • Fixed the walking animation for Sydian’s Evercore skin!
  • Fixed Remy losing details on his model after using his [E] Shield Shot second activation
  • Fixed Zari's [W] Tracer Arrows damage not matching the tooltip

Known Issues

  • The match won't end if the Wintress Frostweaver is killed by the 'Parting Gift' shard's explosion
  • When the enlarged map is opened for teleportation, and a map update is happening (like an incoming surge wave), it can lock the map on the center of the screen and break attack move
  • Wintress Frostweaver attacks Heroes in the town who have been defeated on the arena if there are no more targets left on the Frost Harbor map
  • The game can crash after clicking the icons or buttons combination with ESC button multiple times in the Main Menu
  • In some cases your settings may get reset, you can set them up again by going to the settings menu in-game