Patch Notes


July 05, 2023

Patch Notes - Closed Beta Patch 0.2

Clementine Hero Portrait

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New content

NEW Hero: Clementine

Our new pan-wielding hero Clementine joins the roster!

Clementine is a chef from Moxy but developed her very own luum infused cooking style. She uses the magical unique properties of rare ingredients she finds in the deep jungles of Moxy to make the most amazing dishes Lumerea has ever seen! In-game she uses her magical fusion cooking to heal, empower and protect her allies to give them the edge they need to save the world!

Clementine is our first more difficult hero on the roster. Our goal is that by committing a lot of effort into learning her rotation, abilities, and synergies with specific heroes you can yield a high result and save the world one meal at a time!


Clementine picks between 3 different ingredients: Honey, Garlic, and Chili. Any food with a honey ingredient will offer some form of healing to the player, garlic offers defensive options, and Chili offers different forms of offensive effects. With this base knowledge you can experiment with the different ingredients and combine them for new effects!

Let’s get cooking! Clementine serves up 6 unique dishes with special effects depending on the ingredients you’ve chosen:

  • [QQ] - Pancakes - Whoever picks up this dish is healed for a big amount. Yum!
  • [QW] - Chicken - Whoever picks up this food will gain life-steal on their auto-attacks.
  • [QE] - Ramen - Deflection barrier, stunning enemies hitting you and regaining 60% of the health over time.
  • [WW] - Kebabs - Grants a fiery aura around the user doing magical damage to enemies in the nearby vicinity.
  • [WE] - Rice Balls - The user gets a burst of movement speed.
  • [EE] - Lobster - Gain a large shield.

Serve it up! Once you’ve picked your ingredients you need to cook! Watch the cooking UI and press ‘D’ when you want it to stop. Cooking it too early or too late will result in weaker effects while perfectly cooked food will be nice and give the optimal result!

TIP! If you press ‘R’ instead of ‘D’ when your ultimate is up it’ll serve the dish to everyone on your team! Delicious!

Check out Clementine's gameplay in our hero sneak peek video below!

Dev Speaks: We made some crazy characters in Evercore Heroes!

Skins, Magigraphs & Emotes

New Festival Season Skins

We've added new festival season skins for Clementine, Syrus, Skye and Maxx! Each skin celebrates one of the unique festivals that takes place in the five regions of Lumerea!

Evermyth Clementine

Evermyth is the Gilded Festival of Myth & Might that takes place in the Isles of Hydris each year.

Evermyth Clementine Skin

Luumtech Syrus

Luumtech is the Annual Convention of Curiosity & Circuits that takes place in BIOS each year.

Luumtech Syrus Skin

Braveborne Skye

Braveborne is the legendary Battle of Strength & Survival that takes place in Kru each year.

Braveborne Skye Skin

Shadowlight Maxx

Shadowlight is the festival in Noktra that celebrates a shimmer of Luumlight that only appears once a year!

Shadowlight Maxx Skin



Spicy Emote



Served Emote

Reconnect v1

Version 1 of reconnect is now in the game! This means that when you lose connection to the match for any reason after starting Hero Select, you will now automatically be reconnected to the ongoing game after logging back in.

You will not be able to join another game while your current game is still in progress.

We wanted to ship this feature as fast as we could to make sure you can keep playing when a player drops out due to technical issues. As it's version 1 of reconnect, there are still a few things we’d like to address and we’ll aim to improve these when we can.

Known issues with reconnect

  • Currently all shards drop on the ground when you disconnect. Your fellow players can pick them up for safekeeping or you can pick them up yourself when you reconnect.
  • The correct skin may not show up when reconnecting during the Hero Select screen.
  • Post-game stats show up incorrectly after reconnecting.
  • Emotes/magigraphs will not work after reconnecting.
  • You will need to distribute your skill points again.
  • Luum Rush placement message may be incorrect.
  • Minor visual and audio bugs.

We are also working on a “confirm” sequence when the queue pops as well as looking into leaver penalties for in the future.

Crash compensation

At launch we saw some higher than average crashes at the end of a game that caused players to miss out on end-game rewards. We’re rewarding everyone that played during this period with 2000 Luum Fragments to compensate!


Time for something new! The Secret Shop vendor has updated their supply of Legendary Shards on all stages!

  • Stunlock
    • Auto attacks have a chance to stun enemies for 1.5 seconds. Dealing damage to stunned enemies causes 25% of that damage to be re-applied as pure damage. Whenever you would stun an enemy that’s immune to stuns, deal 80 pure damage per character level instead
  • Poison Touch
    • Auto attacks have a chance to poison enemies, dealing damage over time. While poisoned enemies receive reduced healing effects
  • Luum Fissure
    • Dealing damage to an enemy has a small chance to cause a Luum Fissure to spawn for 8 seconds near the target. Any player standing on the Luum Fissure will get a significant amount of Spell Power
  • Ascendancy Protocol
    • Whenever you cast an ability that has a Cooldown of 75 seconds or higher, all your other active abilities will have their Cooldowns halved for a few seconds
  • Shield Share
    • Each successful auto-attack grants you and your nearest ally some overshield for a few seconds


Moxy Treetop Shard Vendor
  • Moxy Treetop Shard Vendor
    • Poison Touch has been replaced with Flame Touch

Developer Notes: We want the shards in the Weapon Power row to be effective to characters that value this attribute

  • The Moxy Treetops stage now has updated Elites with new Shards unique to this area. The shards they hold are:
    • Attack Spores
      • Hitting a full health enemy with your auto attack spawns a poison cloud at the impact location, this effect can only occur every 8 seconds
    • Blooming Charge
      • Activate this shard to dash in a chosen direction, knocking away enemies in your path and leaving a trail of flowers in your path. Any player can pick those flowers to heal for a small amount
    • Blast Aegis
      • Activate to create a barrier around you that last 3 seconds, completely negating the next incoming damage. If the barrier is struck it will explode dealing damage around you based on your current health
    • Acid Pulse
      • Cause an acidic explosion around you every 12 seconds. Enemies caught in that explosion take physical damage and have their armor reduced for 4 seconds

Quality of life changes

  • Nearby connections are now limited to a maximum of 50 (from 150), and only show players who are Online.
  • All Heroes now have an intended difficulty assigned to them, which is visible in the Hero section of the game.
  • Store bundles have tooltips to explain details of what is in each bundle.
  • Golem projectiles have updated VFX

Other changes

  • The announcer VO got updated

Balance changes

Dynamic Difficulty

We’ve been monitoring where players got placed into the difficulty system, and have made some changes last week to smooth out the curve. The result is that you should find yourself playing on a difficulty level that’s more fitting. We will continue to monitor this and will make further adjustments in the future.

Quest Board & Bounty System

  • We've limited the usage of the Quest board to 5 bounties per match. Every subsequent bounty will increase in difficulty and reward. The first two will grant a rare voucher, the two after an epic voucher and the last a legendary voucher!
  • Enemy variety will be based on what type of map you play on (currently we have Jungle & Snow).
  • Bounty Vouchers sell values:
    • Rare: 600
    • Epic: 800
    • Legendary: 1200

Developer Notes: We’ve noticed players enjoy the bounty system and we are happy with this, but the economy impact has been higher than anticipated. Players will now have to over come a slightly increased challenge and are capped to collecting 5 bounties a match.


  • Overall
    • Updated ability levels to make sure levelling is consistent across all characters.
  • Shade
    • [R] Shade’s ghost now periodically taunts enemies in range for its duration, rather than only when placed. This means nearby enemies will now correctly chase the ghost and try to attack it.
  • Zari
    • [W] Tracer Arrows now properly removes armor.
    • [R] The first shot now properly removes armor.

Developer Notes: Zari was increasing all damage and has been properly adjusted to just reduce armor.

  • Blink
    • [R] Sonic Boom flat damage increased by 100
    • [R] Sonic Boom CD is now a static 90 sec
    • [R] Sonic Boom scaling is now .8/.9/1 from .8/.8/.8
    • [W] Pummel scaling changes to .15/.17/.19/.21/.23/.25 from .2/.22/.24/.26/.28/.3

Developer Notes: Blink is one of our watchlist heroes. Most of her damage is coming out of pummel and she’s on the higher end of our damage dealers. So we brought the scaling of it down. We also added some quality of life changes to her, including some umpf! for her ultimate.

  • Riiva
    • [W] Parry now starts at 85% damage reduction and gains 5% per level up until level 4.

Developer Notes: Riiva’s parry allowed her to ignore a lot of danger in the game and keep dishing out damage. While this is a fun game loop that we don’t want to remove we needed to add a balancing dial. We are making players commit more to her parry to get it back to 100% mitigation at the trade off of damage on other skills.

  • Lotus
    • [W] Reduced flat Healing to 10/20/30/40/50/60 from 50/60/70/80/90/100 (does not include spell power scaling)

Developer Notes: Our internal stats show Lotus as the highest healer in most games. While she is meant to be an effective healer, her output is too high. We are slightly reducing it this patch while looking at healing as a whole in an upcoming patch. Stay tuned!

  • Maxx & Fyn
    • Updated the damage type of all Maxx's shield form abilities to magical damage and all of Fyn's to magical damage.

Developer Notes: Maxx’s shield mode abilities are now all magical based and all sword abilities all physical. Maxx’s output is quite high paired with the functionality of 6 abilities, this change will force players to build more hybrid or commit to 1 mode with their shard build.


  • Schrapnel
    • Tooltip change - its effect has not been changed
  • Seed of Genesis
    • Damage increase is now lowered to 2/3/4/5/6 from 2/4/6/8/10
  • Sharpening Stone
    • Changed the physical power gain curve to 5/10/15/20/25 from 1/5/10/20/30
  • Luum Rage
    • Caps at 400/500/600/700/800 from 300/400/500/600/700
  • Bramble Skin
    • Triggers when hit 3 times from 4.
  • Parting Gift
    • Spellpower % reduced to 40%. Base damage scaling is reduced by 50.
  • Scraping Shots
    • Reduced the armor shred to 1/10/12/14/16/18 from 1/10/12/15/17/20
  • Inner Fire
    • Reduced to 2/4/6/8/10 crit % from 2/5/7/10/15 crit %

Developer Notes: This shard was showing as the highest output shard from elites and so we are reducing its crit chance. We also are adding this shard to our watchlist to keep our eye on it.


  • [Red] Power Battlehorn
    • Decreased the XP multiplier to 1.225 from 1.325
  • [Yellow] Gold Battlehorn enemies give less gold per kill
    • Slashing Golem to 28 from 30
    • Artillery Golem to 23 from 25
    • Healing Golem to 38 from 40
    • Golem Tank to 114 from 120
  • [Yellow] Gold Striker
    • Now gives gold every 5 seconds instead of every 4 seconds
  • Objective Shards
    • All of them are now Epic rarity

Developer Notes: Objectives that give shards were on the weak side of things compared to other objective rewards. We are going to increase the power of the shards they offer.

  • All Crucibles have 10% more HP

Developer Notes: This objective was too easy to defeat, and we are bringing up its health to compensate.


  • Elite Roller (Flashbang)
    • Health has been increased 10%
  • Healing Golem
    • Health has been increased 5%
  • Artillery Golem
    • Damage has been reduced by 12%
  • Decreased the max health of the Kru Mines head-to-head boss Thrashclaw by 5%

Developer Notes: The fights in the Kru Mines maps were going a bit longer than designed, so we are slightly reducing the health

  • Luum Lizard drops a random gold generation shard on death

Developer Notes: We wanted to reward players for finishing off the Luum Lizard. We’ve added some great gold generating shards with a rare chance of a special shard to make seeing a Luum Lizard a much more exciting moment for players.

  • Ice Biome Starting Camps
    • The size of Easy starting camps has been reduced so there should only be 2-3 enemies per camp

Developer Notes: We’ll be keeping an eye on this change. We wanted to reduce the variance in camps slightly at this level, but we might bump up the number in call camps depending on how this change impacts early XP gains.

Balance Watchlist

This is a space where we share items we are keeping an eye on. It can be any feature in our game that we have concerns for and want to keep an eye on. We might for example have a recent change, or an item we are considering changes for but haven’t done yet. The goal for us is to be transparent with the community on these items and to let you know what we are looking into.

  • Blink
    • Her Pummel when she’s acquired a full build and combined with the right heroes can do a LOT of damage. We reduced scaling in this patch but we will keep a close eye on her.
  • Armor and Magical Resistance systems. Right now boss fights are won or lost based on how much armor/magical resistance you can strip off. We are going to be looking at this from multiple angles including shards, hero abilities and the system itself.
  • Clementine’s food delivery system. We are looking at ways to improve the quality of life of delivering food to your allies. Look forward to more about this soon!
  • Inner fire (elite shard) - its impact is quite high. We gave it a slight nerf this patch and we’ll be monitoring it moving forward.
  • Healing is perceived as too strong by the design team right now. It limits both the impact of damage mitigating abilities as taunting. We’ll be looking at this systemically and are planning to address this in an upcoming patch.

Bug fixes

Founder’s Pass

  • You should now receive your friend key(s) and unlock your premium battlepass as expected when upgrading from a friend key to a Founders Pass.
    • If you are still experiencing issues with not receiving your friend key(s) or are not able to claim premium battlepass content, please contact and we’ll get it fixed for you!


  • Fixed the gray/white screen some experienced at start-up when running into an error with authentication. It should now give you the proper error. A restart of the game and launcher should fix this.
  • The Cryo Grenade tooltip now displays the correct number of charges
  • Fixed a rare edge case where autoconfirm lock would choose the same Hero.


  • Skye’s is back in action and has been re-enabled in the game!
  • Oria’s Attack-Move should no longer break.
  • Fixed the ability to use skills more than intended by clicking the skill bar for some heroes.


  • Inspiration now correctly increases damage dealt to the target
  • Scraping Shots no longer stacks on itself indefinitely.
  • Shatter no longer stacks on itself indefinitely


  • Fixed enemies not always attacking the Evercore (Surge Wave & Jungle Head-to-Head).

New Launcher update (2.11.0)

  • The launcher will automatically switch to the alternative game download location in case of connectivity issues.
  • Several bug fixes to address potential edge case issues
  • We added a new DEBUG feature in the settings menu which will let you:
    • Test the connectivity to our infrastructure
    • Clean up the installation folder with the press of a button
    • Open the Logs Folder option to directly open the folder with the logs when requested

Our Test Connection feature will be expanded with more common checks to help you resolve issues faster. The clean installation option is especially helpful in case of corrupt downloads. And with the Open Logs Folder option, you can easily share your logs with others via drag and drop. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns.