Patch Notes


July 20, 2023

Patch Notes - Closed Beta Patch 0.3

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Table of Contents

New Content & Features

Dynamic Matchmaking

Play with anybody, anywhere and at any time! We have enabled Dynamic Matchmaking, which will let you play with friends from all around the world and will help with finding matches during off-peak hours!

  • We have removed the separation between the EU and NA regions
  • A region server will be assigned based on the region majority of players in the match
  • It is possible that at times you’ll be assigned to a server that is not native to your region resulting in higher latency

New Objectives

Luum Rush Event: Shielded Tower

A dangerous tower has been reactivated by rampant chaotic Luum and shoots deadly lasers to all that approach! It'll be up to your team to deactivate it before somebody gets hurt!

  • The Luum Rush Event is completed when a team defeats the Tower!
  • The Tower will spawn waves of enemies and will shield itself making it invulnerable as long as the enemies are standing.
  • When the wave of enemies is defeated, the shield will disappear and leave the tower vulnerable until the next wave spawns. This is the time to strike!

Shielded Tower Objective

New Objective visuals

  • All Crucibles have shiny new visuals, new VFX and a new mini-map icon!
  • Crucibles still function the same as before. Destroy the Crucible as enemies start spawning trying to stop you. Once the Crucible is destroyed all enemies will de-spawn and a reward is provided to the team.

Crucible objective

Disruption Crucible

  • When completed, rival teams are affected by a "Cryo Storm"
  • Storm weather effects will show the duration of the Storm
  • During this time, enemies can drop Cryo Grenades when defeated
  • Cryo grenades, just like the hero power, will freeze your team in place for a short duration!
  • These Cryo Grenades can be destroyed before they detonate!

Gold Crucible

  • When completed, your local team receives 500 gold.

Content Creator Program

Our content creator program is now LIVE! Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or you’re a platform megastar, if your fans & followers want to show support they can through our revenue sharing affiliate system.

  • Sign up at here and link your accounts
  • Choose your creator code
  • Share your Creator Code with your fans!
  • Enter your creator code when redeeming your Founders pack key (important) and in-game under the Creator Support section in options.
  • Unlock the exclusive Blink GG emote after filling in a creator code and supporting them by making an in-game purchase!

NOTE: Make sure to click confirm after filling in the creator code. It might take a few minutes for the emote to unlock!

Content Creator Settings

Free Hero Rotation

We have added version 1 of our free hero rotation to the game. A perfect chance to try out some new heroes before getting them in-game!

  • Riiva & Kaine will be the first heroes on the the free rotation list
  • As it’s version 1, we will experiment with the rotation cycle period based on feedback

Secret Shop rotation

Time for yet again another Secret Shop rotation! The secret shop will have a new set of shards on offer so go check them out!

  • Shrapnel: Your auto-attacks also hit nearby enemies for 40% of it’s original damage. +150 Physical Power
  • Deathly Pulse: Converts 60% of all effective healing into a damaging AoE pulse around the healing target. +10% Healing Power
  • Sorcerer's Silken Gloves: Gains +15% Critical Chance for 2 seconds after using 2 abilities. This effect then goes into a short cooldown. +30 Armor Penetration +30 Magic Penetration
  • Noktra Ghost Pepper: When your 3 basic abilities are on Cooldown, you breath fire 5 times in an arc in front of you dealing magic damage to all enemies in range. Casting any ability will cut the fire breathing short. 12 seconds cooldown. +150 Magic Power
  • Lifesteal: Each auto-attack heals you for a percentage of the damage dealt. +100 Physical Power +100 Magic Power

Developer Notes: Previously only a few secret shop shards were considered very valuable. So we’ve turned a few of them up a notch.

Quality of life changes

  • Updated VFX for Reviving & Leveling up
  • Many Shards have had their icons updated. Go check them out!
  • Moxy Jungle head-to-head roots will indicate where they show up before they spawn.
  • Added a swap button for heroes with dual abilities in the description screen & hero select screen.
  • There is an orange dot indicator in the menu (Season & Battlepass sub-menu) when a Battlepass reward is ready to be claimed
  • Updated the Hero Select & preview images of Clementine
  • UI sound added when confirming a Hero in Hero Select

Balance Changes


  • Armor and Magic Resist
    • The damage reduction curve has been updated
    • Defense values now run till 500 (-50% incoming damage)

Developer Notes: 500 is the hard cap, but it isn’t a linear curve and the first 100 points of armor is the most valuable for it’s reward. Additionally, while some things can reach 500, nothing in the game currently does.

  • Damage Amplification (abilities that allow you to do increased damage to enemies) now have a cap of 50%
  • You no longer deal bonus damage when reducing armor into the negative
  • Players now bleed out in 10 seconds from 15 seconds


  • All Heroes now gain 10% less primary stats when gaining a level

Developer Notes: This is a soft adjustment for now. Players are clearly out pacing the content in power, and a larger scale change is coming in the future.

  • Blink
    • [Q] now scales the amount of shield gained per level 20,25,30,35,40
  • Riiva
    • [R] Face Me - Damage amplification is now 30%, 40%, 50% per level of the ability from a flat 50%

Developer Notes: Damage amplification is very powerful. We are reducing it’s power out of the gate and players need to regain it’s full power by maxing out the ability.

  • Skye
    • [E] Storm (lightning) - now does a micro stun every 3 attacks instead of 2.
    • [E] cooldown is now 6 at every level down from 9-7-6-5-4
    • [Q] Ground Rune (lightning) - FLAT damage is now 125/175/225/275/325 from 50/100/180/260/340
    • [Q] Ground Rune (Water) - FLAT damage is now 150/200/250/300/350 from 50/100/180/260/340

Developer Notes: Currently every ability has a % of their damage type (weapon power or spell power) and a flat damage number that combined gives you the damage of your ability. Flat can seem quite big when compared to it’s previous stats, but is often only a fraction of an ability.

  • Kaine
    • [Q] Multi Spear - FLAT damage is now 50/100/150/200/250/300 from 10/50/120/200/260/300
    • [E] Mark for death - Damage amplification is now 25/30/35/40/45/50 per level of ability from a flat 50%
    • [R] Kyru Unleashed! - weapon power scalar of the projectile is now 0.4/0.5/0.6 from 0.35/0.4/0.45
  • Sydian
    • [W] Overshield - cooldown is now 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 seconds from flat 5 seconds at each level
  • Fyn
    • [R] Guardian Smash - shield gain for himself per taunted creature is now 400/500/600 from 400 at each level
  • Remy
    • [E] now scales the amped shield to 20,22,24,26,28 from 30,22,24,26,28


  • Berzerker
    • Increased damage per % health missing is now 30/40/50/60/70 from 50/60/70/80/90
  • Rage
    • is now reduced by 1% per stack
  • Shiny Shiv
    • Reduce attack speed gained by 50%
    • Gold needed to reach the cap is now 4000 down from 5000.

Developer Notes: While this is a heavy adjustment. Trust us, the stats made it very clear that it is warranted.

  • Third Times The Charm
    • scaling is now 0.3 from 0.5.
    • Flat scaling is increased by 50 at every level.

Developer Notes: While this is a reduction in power, the shard is still very powerful, and is slightly improved for non-weapon power primary users.

  • Speed of Death
    • Duration increased by 1 second at every level
  • Beefy
    • Increased by 1% at all levels
  • Well of Strength
    • Gain 10/12/14/16/20 weapon power from 4/6/12/16/20
  • Well of the Mage
    • Gain 10/14/18/22/25 spell power from 4/6/12/16/20
  • Inner fire
    • Crit chance has been changed to 3/4/5/6/7 from 2/4/6/8/10


  • You no longer receive 5 Luum upon the first-time completion of an objective

Developer Notes: There is currently too much Luum in the game. This change will make much closer matches, and will apply some pressure to participate in the Luum Rushes.


  • Creatures on HARD now hit 10% harder. Pow!
  • Creatures with low health generally take 1 to 2 more hits now before they die.
  • Ice Biome creatures
    • Shield Health has been substantially refactored. Ice biome creatures now have more shields then health. Different enemies will have different ratios. TIP!: you do BONUS damage to shields of ice creatures with magic type damage!
  • Elites
    • More diverse Elites: Every elite on the map will now drop a unique shard!
    • Elites now show up on the mini-map in the fog of war
      • Note: This won’t reveal what shard they have!

Balance Watchlist

  • Player power per level & Healing - We are still working on a big adjustment internally. You saw an example in this patch in the form of primary stat changes, but it won’t just be a nerf, some redistribution of power is coming as well. There is a dev discussion happening on discord labeled “Power of Choice.” Feel free to join the chat!
  • Damage Amplification - We’ve made some adjustments to damage amplification and want to see how this plays out. Internally this feels good, but as we’ve seen players have a high level of creativity!
  • Gold Economy - We’ve made some adjustments to gold a few patches ago, and still see a lot of gold in the game. We are looking at how gold is gained and ways to spend it. More coming soon!
  • Skye - Skye is on our watchlist with some currently unintended behaviors.

Bug Fixes


  • Enemies shouldn’t spawn in snowy terrain anymore in the starter area of Hardfrost Harbor
  • The Bounty Board should no longer spawn multiple bounties if players of the same team clicks the bounty board at the same time
  • Fixed Quest Board completion message only appearing for your team
  • The Pride Emote should now be correctly converted and purchasable with Luum Fragments in the shop, and not check for an Everpoints balance!


  • Fixed Maxx Q Sword spinning forever in rare cases.
  • Fixed Fyn’s Ultimate making the Hero unresponsive when used during teleport activation.
  • Fixed Lotus [W] not always healing when cast at the same time as her [Q]
  • Grayce will no longer be displaced by Elite chargers or the mighty Threshclaw while in the air during her [W]!
  • Oria’s auto-attacks and ultimate ability should no longer break


  • Acid Blast and Blast Wave no longer share cooldowns
  • Blast Aegis should now properly remove the invulnerable status


  • In the Moxy Jungle head-to-head the roots & enemy spawners should spawn consistently for both teams.
  • Wintress Frostweaver is now correctly invincible when submerged
  • Wintress Frostweaver now correctly applies a shield to herself during the second skill test

Personalization UI

  • Hero Personalization screen fixes
    • Fixed a tooltip not appearing on locked Emotes and Magigraphs
    • When you don't own an emote, magigraph or voiceline, you get a tooltip that says "Unlock" when you hover over them. This tooltip says "drag & drop" when you own the item. When you hover over a voice line (both locked and unlocked), you get the option to preview when right-clicking the item also.
    • You can now right-click on a skin thumbnail to preview it (even if you don't own the skin) - previously you could only preview the skin if you own and equip it.
    • New tooltip for hero skins