Power Up Your Hero

Collect Shards

Shards can add a wide variety of benefits to your hero: stat boosts, additional attack effects, special defensive bonuses, and much more. Collecting the right shards for your hero can be the difference between glorious victory and elimination!

Visit the Shop

A traveling merchant's cart sits in each town. Purchase shards of various rarity and utility to optimise your build. The stock differs from stage to stage and rotates regularly. Don't forget to look for the secret shop! Its location changes each game, but the most powerful shards can be found there.



Across the map, chaotic luum will manifest as dangerous (but potentially rewarding) challenges. Check your minimap to see which objectives offer gold, shards, XP, or even provide opportunities to disrupt rival teams. Use this info to build your team's strategy and gain the advantage!


Destroy the monster nest as quickly as possible. Beware, more and more enemies will appear to protect their home, and they won't stop coming! Take too long and you may find yourself overwhelmed by chaotic beasts.


Sound the Battlehorn and prepare to face a massive wave of enemies. Defeat as many as possible before the timer expires to earn resources. The more foes you slay, the greater the reward!


Prepare to stand your ground as monsters attack from all directions. Progress goes faster the more heroes you can keep on the objective, but long ranged enemies will force your team to position and plan strategically.


Re-capture the broken generator from the monsters infesting it. This will reactivate the machine, which provides your team with a steady stream of resources over time.