New Stages

New Adventures

Each stage in Evercore Heroes is its own self-contained adventure: a map with unique gameplay elements, a variety of enemies and objectives, a set of power-up items, and a distinct head-to-head final challenge. There are three stages in our closed beta, but more stages will be added!

Head-to-Head Challenges

If you can avoid elimination after two rounds, you and the other remaining team will go head-to-head in a final challenge. The exact challenge you'll face will be different depending on which stage you're on. Outplay the rival team, and you'll win this game of Evercore Heroes!


Thrashclaw is a rare giant troll, imprisoned thousands of years ago for property damage and general belligerence. He was freed by The Shattering and quickly rebuilt his army of Snowgobblers to harass the mining town of Windfall.

Battle for Whiskerwood Village

The jungle is alive! Before the heroes can save Whiskerwood Village, the jungle swallows the Evercore into its depths. Hop down after it and prepare for the ultimate standoff. Strike out to shut down monster nests, but don't leave your Evercore unprotected. The team who can hold out the longest wins!

Wintress Frostweaver

There is nothing colder in Lumerea than Wintress Frostweaver's heart. She is older than history, an elemental spirit born from Luum while the planet was still forming. For millennia she hibernated, until she was rudely awakened by The Shattering and directed her rage at the closest Kru harbor.